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1407 words of Faberry smut

Inspired by this post. Basically, Rachel has an urge to put her mouth on Quinn.  So she does. 

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693 words of Quinntana smut.  Happens during “I Do.”

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2197 words of Faberry smut.  Rachel’s incredibly turned on by Quinn’s skill with a pencil.

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So, fic update.  I have about 1200 words and someone only just started touching herself.  Alone.  

This fic is turning into a smut monster.

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So I’m midway through my latest story, and so far, Quinn’s lost a sketchbook/journal and is about to have her poetry and art skills, not to mention the inner recesses of her mind, discovered by one Rachel Berry.  

I wonder how Rachel feels about nude sketches.

"Quinn, this is lovely, but from a technical standpoint, my breasts are actually much higher."



If anyone wants to suggest things for me to write, please feel free.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll write everything I receive, but inspiration often comes from unexpected places.

For instance, the wet tee shirt fic came from a prompt by a friend “maybe it’s raining.”

My ask is open for this and almost anything else you might want to know :)

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812 words of random Faberry fluff. Established relationship. Post S3. Written during the snowstorm they call Nemo.

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1240 words of Quinn, Rachel, and a wet tee shirt.  Pure, unadulterated smut.

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Faberry One Shots of a Sexy Nature


is for the simple need Quinn makes a purchase after Rachel brings up the fact that she’s interested in a little something extra in the bedroom.

Forgetting Any Other Home But ThisFor Faberry Week’s Teacher/Student prompt. A very loose interpretation of the concept. Quinn helps Rachel with her understanding of Shakespeare.

Every Time You Move I Let a Little More ShowFor Faberry Week’s Nerd Quinn and Cheerio Rachel prompt.

I Wasn’t Looking for ThisQuinn’s working tech on an off-Broadway show, starring Rachel. There’s a technical difficulty.

Girls Just Wanna Have Birthday SexThis is actually a threesome story about Quinn, Rachel, and Santana. But there’s no threesome option. It’s Rachel’s 25th birthday. That’s the whole plot.

Sketch Everything And Keep Your Curiosity FreshQuinn’s taking a summer art class between semesters at Columbia. Guess who the nude model is? 

Bam, Said the Lady -In all of this, the towel lands on the floor, Quinn’s eyes land on everything between Rachel’s neck and knees, and nothing about any of this changes for at least ten seconds.

Short OrderQuinn’s been meeting up for some late night action with a waitress at her favorite late night diner.

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577 words of Faberry being fluffy.  They just wouldn’t get smutty tonight.

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