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Best faberry fanfic?

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Oh, it’s not easy to pick just one.  If I have to, one that I always come back to is When All that You Touch Tumbles Down.  

Currently, I like all the stuff that kben is writing, like Preferably During Business Hours and Celebrate the Art of Dreaming (which is technically St. Faberry, but shhh).

I also just found Misplace All Your Mistakes, which is a little angsty for my taste, but pretty well written.

If it’s not obvious, a common theme among all these fics is the inclusion of hot sexytimes ;)

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189 words of Faberry smut, in response to this ask.

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okay so you can watch the world unseen, spider lilies ( weird movie ) hmm lost and delirious obviously but i bet you already seen it, cracks ( eva green lesbian teacher ) , mulholland drive ( another weird one ), loving annabelle. chloe, the fish child, bloomington, sister my sister, fucking amal, saving face, and the best one ( my favorite ) fried green tomatoes :)

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You are amazing and I thank you so much for the recs.   



Your spin on the Metro Pass/Breadsticks/reverse-role post is amazing. And painfully similar to my real-life experience with someone whose own success/confidence/happiness has relied on my (fabricated) apparent everything-is-great image. As you so accurately captured, Quinn's image (sans her beauty) is what I'm going thru with the person who I absolutely adore. Questionable fandom reactions aside, your insight is worth the read. :)

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Firstly, I’m sorry you’re going through that. It’s not an easy task to show a brave front when you’re falling apart inside. Hang in there. Also I’m sure you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. Never discount yourself.

I didn’t get much reaction to that post, but if it meant something to you, it was worth writing. I’m not the only one who shares this theory of Quinn, and we come up with some crazy stuff in fandom sometimes, but she just gets to me…her quiet vulnerability hidden behind a façade of false strength. Whatever the show decides, I’ll always believe Dianna plays Quinn like she’s falling apart and hopelessly in love with Rachel.


Me! MEEEE! I'm having a good weekend, K! Full of magick and painting and I bought a real-life grown up bottle of wine! Exhilarating, yet relaxing. P.S. I think you're lovely. Send my regards to Bongo, of course :{)

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Stache, my dear, I’m so glad to hear it!  Grown up wine?  I’m impressed and jealous.  I painted and tie-dyed a few shirts, myself, wrote some haiku, and took pictures at a local crumbling prison ruins museum.  A good weekend for both of us, it seems!

Keep having fun, my dear!

Bongo tweets hello :)


Is Happy Agony frustrating you? I thought I was a patient person, but patience is a garment worn thin with this one.

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It’s frustrating in that delicious way of having them come so close to admitting their feelings, only to have something stop them.  Also, it is a touch frustrating waiting for each chapter in that I’m anxious to see what happens next.

It’s just one of those fics that keeps you on edge until its conclusion, I think.  

The most workable remedy is a lot of completed one shots in between chapters to lessen the frustration :)

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What fanfic are you reading right now?

Asked by Anonymous

Right now I’m reading:

I think that’s all I’m reading that’s still in progress.  Otherwise, I check ff.net now and then for the one shots.


Decoupage, you charlatan! I've been working on a briefcase to hold my writing. Thus far I've en-leathered the handle (shh you), stained and shellacked the shell, and added padding to the enterior. I'm so proud of that little thing and I curse the day it realizes it really has no use but to make me feel sentimental. I was just in Barnes and Noble today as well! You and I, cheri, we're like this- *crosses my middle and forefinger, as the kiddies do*. Je t'aime. :{*

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A briefcase?  I’m very seriously impressed, my dear. I was quite proud of gluing some felt to the interior of my little treasure box, but an entire briefcase? I hope you’ll share pics sometime :)

Now, I need a new art or craft project to stir my soul…perhaps something a little more complicated this time.

Take care, my dear Stache. Je t’aime :) 


K, make a craft blog. Make a craft blog, K. Let's make a craft blog and it will be full of DIY tote bags and camera straps; we'll be vomiting RayBans and leather-bound notebooks it'll be so hipster. K, tu me manques :'( But hello and happy faces! :{D

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Stache!!!!!  I was just thinking of you yesterday while sprawled out on the floor of a Barnes & Noble browsing the “Wreck this Journal” series :)  

Ooooo, a craft blog you think?  That just might be fun :)  You must be able to read my mind ;)  Just tonight, I finished decorating a little treasure box.  I decoupaged, Stache.  Decoupaged!  

Tu me manques, aussi, mon amie :)


do you know about faberry fics season1 with alot of hate/love plot? pls pls pls all the ones you know

Asked by Anonymous

I’ll do my best…my apologies if you’ve read any of these already.  Then again, they’re always worth dozens of re-reads :)

So, S1 Faberry with love/hate elements…here goes:

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise

This Kiss


Those should get you started.  Granted, they’re fairly popular, so again, I am sorry if you’ve read them already.  I’ll try to remember/research others, and if any of my followers can recommend some good Faberry S1 love/hate fics, that would be just lovely :)